Constructions for marine

We have been specializing in constructions for marine and other products used in the marine sector for years. Thanks to experience we have acquired our structures manufactured for the maritime sector are of high quality. For our customers we have produced machines and devices included in cleaning systems, the so called scrubbers – fume scrubbers used in maritime industry and many other products customized according to our customers’ projects.

 Constructions for marine Constructions for marine  Constructions for marine

We produce constructions for marine, e.g. machines and tanks of various types (more about tanks read here:

   Constructions for marine   Constructions for marine

An example of constructions is glass crushers. The machines are reducing the volume of waste by crushing on the cruisers. The picture present crusher made ​​by Base Group. Densifier is next machine, which made by Base Group in order to solve the problem of rubbish. The machine is designed to densify aluminum cans and steel tins, compacting them in order to reduce their storage volume. The end product is a block of compacted raw material ready for recycling.

  Constructions for marine   Constructions for marine

At Base Group for our client we produce dry filters in order to reduce emissions. In the interests of friendly environment and less pollution into coastal areas, ship owners must be comply with regulation by IMO in Sulfur oxide: SOx and Nitric oxide: NOx. All ships that want to continue to use low cost Heavy Fuel Oil, must be equipped with special filters.

Steel frames are also a part of our production for maritime industry companies. Metal frames and housings are used in the systems of ballast water treatment plants. Housings of ballast water plants are built with our wielded frames made of stainless or black steel. Frames and housings are manufactured in accordance with the international standards (look at certification) and customers’ requirements.

constructions for marine

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