Elements of small architecture

We produce small architecture elements made ​​of steel. Stairs, balconies, railings.

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Waterjet cutting services

Almost unlimited range of materials to a thickness of 200 mm. Professional services in our waterjet cutting centre.

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Professional welding services. Welding of stainless steel, aluminum and steel structures

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Shot blasting

We offer a shot blasting of black steel elements of different types (structural steel, carbon steel for cold forming, high-strength steel).

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Spawanie - stali nierdzewnych, konstrukcji stalowych, aluminiumAmong the services that offers Base Group are welding services. The company has highly qualified and experienced team of welders. A team has the authority to use the most advanced methods and tools for welding set out in PN-EN 287-1, EN ISO 9606, BS EN 1418 standards.

Base Group provides services with the following methods:

  • MIG (131) – a consumable electrode arc welding with inert gas (Ar, He, Ar He), we offer an automatic or semi-automatic welding in all positions.
  • MAG (135) – arc welding with active gas (CO2, CO2 inert gas).
  • FCAW (136) – we also provide flux-cored arc welding with active gas shield.
  • TIG (141) – services related to tungsten arc welding with inert gas shield.
Kwalifikacje spawania - Base Group

Welding Qualifications – Base Group


We provide welding of following materials:

  • S235 structural steel for general purposes, used for welded constructions (eg, columns loaded with cranes, hoisting towers, energy masts, crane beams, body wheels)
  • S355 structural steel with high strength, used for the construction of structures exposed to atmospheric conditions (such as bridges, towers, wagons)
  • stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4435,
  • aluminum.

We have in our machine park two modern welding robots Panasonic TA 1600 and TA 1900

Dział obsługi klienta - Gdańsk (Pomorskie)
tel./fax (+48 58) 301 36 65 metal@base.pl

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