Welding services

The welding process is an essential part of manufacturing products made in Base Group. Welding has a significant impact on the production costs and product quality. The welding process is considered as a special one, since tests of the welds do not fully confirm whether or not the product quality specified in the standards has been achieved. In order to ensure that the welded products can be utilised according to their intended use and will not cause any serious problems, it is necessary to provide supervision starting from the designing stage, through selection of basic materials and additives, manufacturing process and subsequent control.


PN EN ISO 3834-2 Comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials

Facing strict requirements of the standards and regulations, and mostly those defined by the clients, quality assurance system consistent with the PN EN ISO 3834-2 standard for welding processes has been implemented and certified within Base Group. This quality assurance system for welding processes is applied in all the organisational units of our company involved in fabrication of welded products. The implemented system provides a strong framework for fulfilment of the requirements consistent with PN EN 15085 and PN EN 1090 standards.



PN EN 15085 – Railway applications – Welding of railway vehicles and components

In order to be able to confirm compliance with the requirements valid for welding processes in railway applications we have implemented and certified quality assurance system consistent with PN EN 15085 standard.
Due to its specific features, welding process requires carrying out a series of actions regarding the welding process itself, material management, supervision of the welding equipment as well as inspections and tests performed before, during and after welding.
Meeting the standard requirements enables to confirm conformity of welding new components at CL2 class level in our company.
We are able to make such components for the railways industry as:
-supporting frames for internal parts (electrical systems, air conditioning, reservoirs);
-driver’s cab equipment;
-equipment boxes;
-stairs, handrails;
-frames of seats, windows;
-and many others…



PN EN 1090 –Production of steel structures and aluminium structures

Market demands forced the increase in requirements for manufacturers of welded structures. Meeting the specifications contained in the PN-EN 1090 standards makes it possible to confirm that the structures offered to the clients are produced under conditions being supervised by qualified and authorised personnel. Thus, their quality is appropriate. In order to ensure fulfilment of all the requirements enabling to make steel structures for construction industry we have implemented and certified the quality assurance system consistent with the PN EN 1090 standard, therefore we are able to make structures in EXC3 class.




The company employs highly qualified and experienced staff of welders and operators as far as welding methods: 131, 135, 136 (MIG / MAG) and 141 (TIG) in material groups corresponding to the Welding Performance Qualification Records (WPQR) held by Base Group are concerned.
The team of welders has appropriate welding qualifications specified in the following standards:
-PN-EN ISO 9606-1 ( PN-EN 287-1);
-PN-EN ISO 9606-2;
-PN EN 1418.


Welding equipment

When carrying our welding operations we use modern welding equipment provided by such renowned manufacturers as Fronius (CMT Trans Puls, TPSi, Magic Wave) Kemppi (FastMig Pulse, Kempact Pulse, Kempoweld, MasterTig), Esab(LAW), as well as modern welding robots made by Panasonic. They allow us to fully control the welding process, thus ensuring the highest quality of joints.





Welding methods

-MIG (131) – We offer Metal Inert Gas Welding (Ar, He, Ar + He) according to valid standards. We carry out welding and build-up welding in all welding position with automatic or semi-automatic welding machines.
-MAG (135) – We provide services related to Metal Active Gas welding (CO2, CO2 + inert gas).
-FCAW (136) – We also perform Flux-Cored Arc Welding with active gas shield.
-TIG (141) – Moreover, we provide services related to Tungsten Inert Gas welding.


Welded materials

-Structural steel; material group: 1,1-1,2 (e.g. S355) with high strength, used to build structures exposed to weather conditions (bridges, masts, railway wagons),
-Stainless steel; material group: 8.1 (e.g. 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4435)
-Aluminium; material group: 22-23 (e.g. 6082, 5083,5754)


Presentation of the Welding Performance Qualification Records (WPQR)


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