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Base Group is an exceptional company because it is made up of exceptional people. Each and every day is an opportunity for us to understand our customer’s business, our role in their supply chain, and, finally, to provide the customer with the solution they are looking for. We specialize in High-Mix Low-Volume manufacturing. We offer production of machines and high-quality welded constructions for industry. Quality of metal constructions’ manufacturing is assured by complying with widely recognised international standards for welding processes – ISO 3834-2.

At clients’ request Base Group can deliver welding services according to EN 1090-2, EN 1090-3. We are certified to manufacture steel, stainless steel and aluminum industrial constructions with regards to EXC3 class. For the fast developing railway industry our procedures comply with EN 15085-2 CL1.
Our certificates

We support our customers from the very first stages of designing industrial equipment by selecting the most optimal technological solutions. As a result, together, we develop long-term business relationships and create mutual growth in international markets. In every situation, we act in accordance with the win-win principle based on trust. As a manufacturer of industrial machinery, we provide ourselves and our customers with space to comfortably improve crucial processes.

To deliver high quality of manufacturing process we harness knowledge and experience we have gathered for more than 30 years. Our main clients are located in Northern and Western Europe as well as in Poland. Base Group delivers to the following industries: Pharmaceutical, Environmental protection, Maritime, Railway, High-voltage power generation, Chemical, Food industry. Our processes are thoroughly controlled by International and European Welding Engineers and the Quality Manager.

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