Corporate Social Responsibility – Closer to nature

The core business of Base Group is comprehensive manufacturing of welded metal structures including cleaning and painting. The aim of the practice is to reduce the negative impact on the environment, creating a good climate for work, integrating employees, the rehabilitation of the former landfill, emotional connection with the company. And the inclusion of environmental aspects in the implementation of new production technologies.

How is our practice of CSR?

Base Group purchased land and devastated buildings of the former PGR Miłocin in Koszwały. Dumpster area has been rehabilitated by the Owners. Office workers planted 96 fruit trees. Action was ended by party with a barbecue. Fruits are available for staff and business partners. Very interesting insights for the board was the co-operation between different departments of the company during planting.

  • The company has plans to planting deciduous trees on the 4.5 ha property in order to reduce wind and create a microclimate (natural shade in summer). So far, 22 larch trees were planted, 20 lime-trees , 4 birches, 2 clones, 7 spruces.

In addition, we continuously optimize the technology of production and auxiliary processes:

  • We swapped the painting process from toxic solvent paints for water paints.
  • Introduced the blasting process in a closed circuit.
  • Replacing the welding machines for energy-efficient ones.
  • Air recuperation introduced into the ventilation system, and replaced the windows at the welding hall, which reduced heating costs.
  • We collect waste generated during the manufacturing process and make their selective segregation. Increase employee awareness of the issues related to environmental protection. We supervise of raw materials, including containing dangerous substances.
  • Identify the risks associated with the use of any raw material, in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment.
  • The waste generated in the production process are stored in a way that minimizes their impact on the environment.
  • We have completed the assembly of a photovoltaic installation that allows the use of solar energy to create electricity.

What are the results of the implementation of CSR practices in our company?

The results are not measured directly, but:

  • Business partners are interested in the orchard, especially when the trees bear fruits.
  • Employees increased attention to order, segregate waste, more consciously organize their work, taking into account the impact on the environment.

Mutual respect for the environment builds positive relationships among staff, highlights the care of their health and comfort. Employees benefit from the fruit orchard, work in a friendly environment. With the introduction of blasting shortened the production process and reduced the cost of transport. Partners appreciate the friendly and well-maintained environment which is a testament that Base Group implemented Corporate Social Responsibility in practice.