Railway structure

5 December 2016

Ecological train, which is powered by cheap and efficient fuel and emits to the environment only water, is this future? No! This incredible construction made by designers of Alstom will go to the German railway [...] Czytaj więcej

Luminous bike path

24 November 2016

We recently wrote about the American photovoltaic road, which glows in the dark. Now we can boast about domestic project luminous bike path! Thanks to scientists from the laboratory TPA near Lidzbark Warminski (Warmia-Masuria Province, [...] Czytaj więcej

A “metal” lighter than styrofoam

17 November 2016

The Boeing Company recently demonstrated the “metal” 100 times lighter than styrofoam! The new material is in fact an advanced structure built of Empty metal tubes, called micromesh, which has a an unusual strength and [...] Czytaj więcej

Constructions for energy sector

3 November 2016

Constructions for energy sector are used to produce electricity for years, but no one had ever thought of using it for water recovery from the air. Such a crazy idea came up from researchers from [...] Czytaj więcej

project Startup Solar Roadways

24 October 2016

Is endless American highway may become the largest photovoltaic power plant in the world? Now, this incredible concept could soon be implemented in the life thanks to the project Startup Solar Roadways. According to his [...] Czytaj więcej

MORP Hotel

7 October 2016

MORP Hotel a truly amazing design floating, self-contained hotel, plying around the world. If that was not enough the most modern liner in the world is constantly changing its shape depending on the the sea [...] Czytaj więcej

Small constructions to distill water

27 September 2016

Researchers at the SLAC National Laboratory not stop fighting for inexpensive method of purifying water for people who do not have access to drinking water. Recently they created a small device about the size of [...] Czytaj więcej

Energy constructions

21 September 2016

New energy constructions As reported by “The Times” British began implementing an impressive project Hornsea 2 – energy constructions. Within 6-7 years the British in cooperation with the Danish company Dong Energy wants to build [...] Czytaj więcej

Space elevator

7 September 2016

The Japanese decided to realize the vision of the creators of science fiction that has a chance in the future to revolutionize traveling in space! The concept of a space elevator for years fascinates. Although [...] Czytaj więcej

Aquila drone – construction of Facebook

7 September 2016

Aquila drone, the ultramodern construction of Facebook has passed the first test flights! The construction is part of Internet.org, which will make available the Internet on desolate areas. Aquila powered entirely photovoltaic panels, is using [...] Czytaj więcej

First diesel engine driven ethane

2 September 2016

Engineers from the Japanese company Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding created the world’s first diesel engine driven ethane! Two stroke ME-GIE will put in motion a tanker with a capacity of 36 thousand. m3 transporting ethane. [...] Czytaj więcej

Smog Free Tower

22 August 2016

The Smog Free Tower The Smog Free Tower is a unique design engineers from Rotterdam, which in their city successfully started to fight smog. Tower cleans up to 30 thousand m3 of air per hour, [...] Czytaj więcej

Transit Elevated Bus

1 August 2016

Provides to designers assurence  Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), the cure for transportation problems will be ready later this year! TEB is a massive bus, which literally takes a mountain of other road vehicles. Thanks to [...] Czytaj więcej

USS Zumwalt

22 July 2016

The USS Zumwalt is the new pride of the US Navy. After four years of construction and spending 4.3 billion US dollars machine reinforcing gave birth to the new creation. The USS Zumwalt is a [...] Czytaj więcej

Ocean Cleanup construction

15 July 2016

Near the coast of the Netherlands is formed the first The Ocean Cleanup construction – an innovative system designed for cleaning the surface of the ocean with floating garbage. The ocean Cleanup thanks floating barriers [...] Czytaj więcej

The final arena of EURO 2016

8 July 2016

On the occasion of this year’s EURO 2016 is worth mentioning the final arena of the tournament. Stade de France constructed in 1995-1997 despite the passage of years, is still one of the most impressive [...] Czytaj więcej

Scrubbers – air purification technology

1 July 2016

Scrubber Scrubbers are devices that use the oldest and most effective air purification technology which is absorption. Operation of the scrubbers involves pumping the polluted air in a special chamber, inside of which comes into [...] Czytaj więcej

Project Ecocapsule

24 June 2016

Ecocapsule is a small, portable house in the shape of an egg, which, thanks the modern technology and innovative approaches to architecture is completely self-sufficient energy-addition alone stores and purifies rainwater! Despite its small size [...] Czytaj więcej

Constructions for the offshore sector

21 June 2016

Constructions for the offshore sector based on sea water Find out about the constructions for the offshore sector. The engineers form Polish-Norwegian ITEK PL company has designed the sea water based cooling unit to provide [...] Czytaj więcej

Test drive of Hyperloop One

10 June 2016

Ended the first test drive of Hyperloop One that steel sled magnetic dispersed to 200 km/h in just 2 seconds! Although the test in Nevada desert is not presented specially impressive, it proved that the [...] Czytaj więcej

The invisible train construction

31 May 2016

The invisible train construction “The Invisible train”, is another innovative concept, which could soon look forward to the implementation in Japan. Although the name seems to be completely unbelievable, it was actually craft to designer [...] Czytaj więcej

The larg photovoltaic power plant in Poland!

25 May 2016

In Czernikowo near Toruń was founded Poland’s largest photovoltaic power plant! The area of over 24 thousand square metre, filled with almost 16 thousand solar panels to ensure energy production of 3500 MWh, adequate to [...] Czytaj więcej

Steel structure of the farm

16 May 2016

Steel structure of the farm In Norway, launched the world’s first project combining biology, marine engineering, and modern cybernetics. To handle innovative, automated fish farm enough only 3 people! By using specialized underwater sensors monitoring [...] Czytaj więcej

A new sarcophagus of Chernobyl

26 April 2016

Almost 30 years, sarcophagus can not withstand the pressure of powerful radiation International donors conference in London decided to transfer 180 million for the construction of a new sarcophagus ruins of the fourth reactor of [...] Czytaj więcej

Construction from space agency

29 March 2016

This construction will revolutionize the fast passenger transport! Thanks to NASA revolution in passenger transport is at hand! The US space agency announced the implementation of the QueSST (Quiet Supersonic Technology), whose culmination is to [...] Czytaj więcej

Transparent aluminum

11 March 2016

Transparent aluminum has become a reality! All thanks to researchers at the US Naval Research Laboratory. The material referred to is completely mineral magnesium aluminate. The greatest advantage of the new material is that it [...] Czytaj więcej

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1 March 2016

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