Metal constructions for industry

Based on drawings provided by clients, Base Group in Poland prepares and then executes production of industrial equipment and constructions for industry made from steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Base Group is located in Poland. We can deliver metal constructions to clients  located in Northern and Western Europe as well as in Poland.

PN EN ISO 3834-2 Comprehensive quality requirements

Facing strict requirements of the standards and regulations, and mostly those defined by the clients, quality assurance system consistent with the PN EN ISO 3834-2 standard has been implemented and certified within Base Group. This quality assurance system is applied in all the organisational units of our company involved in fabrication of welded products. The implemented system provides a strong framework for fulfilment of the requirements consistent with PN EN 15085 and PN EN 1090 standards.

constructions for industry

Base Group offers high quality of welding of industrial equipment

Base Group specializes in pre-fabrication and assembly of various types of small and medium-sized metal constructions for industry. To deliver high quality of manufacturing process we harness knowledge and experience we have gathered for more than 25 years.

Our experience

We have experience in manufacturing for the following industries:

1. Constructions for energy

constructions  constructions for energy

2. Constructions for railway

railway-1.1.  base group DIN 15085

3. Constructions for marine

constructions   constructions  zbiornik

4. Constructions for HVAC

Construction for hvac  Construction for hvac

5. Constructions for offshore (oil&gas)


6. Constructions for chemical industry

konstrukcje dla przemysłu chemicznego  

7. Constructions for food industry

constructions   constructions

What above are just some of the possible executions. All work in Poland is carried out only after prior consultation of all the requirements coming from the customer. We are very flexible in terms of adapting to requests for steel structures, so please contact us directly in order to determine the exact details. Every request is priced individually and only after approval of the project cost, we start to work on the steel structures.


High quality industrial metal constructions!