Aluminium heat exchangers for generator circuit breaker
– high voltage energy equipment

Aluminium Heat exchangers for generator circuit breaker Base Group manufactures high quality aluminium constructions of various kinds for clients from high voltage energy sector, e.g. aluminium heat exchangers for generator circuit breaker. Thanks to years of experience we produce durable and safe constructions.

We have specialised in producing metal elements of electrical devices for the purposes
of both electricity generation and high-voltage transfer lines (gas insulated lines and gas insulated switchgears, air insulated equipment), including heat exchangers for generator circuit breakers. Generator Circuit Breakers (GCB) are ideally suited to power plants with the capacity from 50 MW to 1,500 MW which are new or in modernisation. They are fitted with high-tech spring mechanisms. The comprehensive GCB offer ranges from generator switches without casing to individual solutions, including: cut-off switches, earthing switches, start-up switches and converters.

In these devices it is common to use SF6 gas (sulphur hexafluoride); it has unusually high electric strength and, additionally, its thermal conductivity is as much as twice the thermal conductivity of the air. Since the gas is not neutral to the environment, it contributes to the greenhouse effect. However, when stored properly, it will not end up in the atmosphere. Emission of this gas to the atmosphere caused by leakages in components of GCB, e.g. heat exchangers is probably caused by human error.

Aluminium heat exchangers for generator circuit breaker

In the case of generator circuit breakers, Clients may rest assured that they have the most reliable spring mechanism, full control over the maintenance, and a separation chamber with an improved cooling system. GCBs perform well in smaller and larger power plants, those which are new or being modernised.  Equally effective everywhere, they are fitted with state-of -the-art materials also produced with the use of aluminium.

Popular GCBs  include spring mechanisms. They are characterised by efficiency, maximal electric stability and moderate maintenance requirements. It is a kind of a model of natural cooling with a centrifugal turbine which mixes air over the cut-off switch. This truly electro-mechanical blocking system guarantees foolproof coordination, which means higher safety. Additionally, generator circuit breakers have a real-time monitoring system. It informs when it is necessary to carry out maintenance work on the device.

Aluminium Heat exchangers for generator circuit breaker

Heat exchangers – coolers

For the vast majority of devices responsible for uninterrupted work of the grid, safety is crucial. However, grid control is not an easy task due to changing loads and tensions transferred to distribution and transmission networks. Thus, nowadays utilities companies are facing a lot of challenges. These include,
e.g.: decreased production of conventional energy, increased share of renewable energy sources and changes in legal regulations. Modern tools have to generate energy in a safe and economically-sound way. Also, these enterprises have to face business challenges of various kind, such as: investment profitability, power plant maximum capacity, or long life of the equipment used. In this case, generator circuit breakers do the job perfectly. In order to maintain the appropriate parameters of work, generator breakers have a cooling system. The heat exchangers used in these devices must satisfy strict requirements for tightness and resilience.

In 2015 a team of researchers at Base Group accepted the task of creating unique production technology for  aluminium heat exchangers for generator circuit breaker, also called coolers. In the course of research and conducted tests we succeeded in defining the production process which met strict Clients’ needs. Our products fulfil high expectations of upmarket Clients, which is confirmed with 100% quality control of produced heat exchangers. To guarantee the top quality of every single item produced by Base Group we perform helium tests in vacuum at the level of 1×10˄-6 bar × cm3/s and pressure tests (more than 62 bars). The results obtained by us are more credible than similar solutions offered by French or Italian producers.

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