Waste Treatment Technology

Waste treatment technology in Europe is the topic that emerges increasingly during public debates related to its use and environmental impact. The European Union is increasing recycling rates, raising fees for plastic products and introducing new bans on the production of specific products and application industries. The last year shown how much waste treatment technology influences PET waste management. Recently the amount of waste to be recycled has increased by about 12% to over 10 tonnes. Plastics have become a part of human life and have been used in thousands of everyday products for several decades. Although they are currently being widely criticised and are object of many discussions, the problem is not just about banning the use of plastics in the economy. There is a lack of solutions for the environmental waste pollution resulting from excessive and unwise use of cheap plastic products.

Waste Treatment Technology

Waste treatment technology is based on innovative solutions

Plastic waste has become a global environmental challenge that the economy should face. This is why the industry and the waste treatment technology used is focused on innovative and competitive solutions. Such solutions will allow to comprehensively deal with difficulties of plastic waste management. Efficient waste management should consist in the rational use of resources and reduction of negative impact on the environment. The main objective and the purpose of the Circular Economy is managing resources and raw materials as long as possible, and the generation of waste should be minimised as much as possible.

Base Group is familiar with waste treatment technology

Base Group is a leader of welded metal structures industry with 30 years of experience in production. We are familiar with waste treatment technology. As a company we actively take part in the creation of new technological solutions aimed at automating and improving main technological processes in PET waste management. Together with our business partners from environmental protection industry we manufacture machine components that are used in PET waste treatment.

Waste Treatment Technology

The new waste treatment technology reduces costs. It is related to the fact that it is not necessary to return the waste to the market again. The consumption of water, chemical products and electricity is also reduced.  The PET waste processing equipment manufactured by us has a compact design. It needs very little space. Moreover, it is portable and may be transported to workplaces in a short time.

It’s time to recycle plastics more ecologically, efficiently and economically – the time has come for waste treatment technology!


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