Constructions for railway

The constructions for railway belongs to one of our company’s fields of activity. Among other things we manufacture load-bearing elements for rail vehicles. Thanks to constant control, rail welded elements comply in 100% with our customers’ project requirements. The range of our products comprises both steel elements made to order of black and stainless steel and aluminium. The production process is based on the PN EN 15085 standard.

constructions for railway Constructions for railway

The implemented and certified PN EN 15085 (certification) standard enables us to manufacture parts for the rail industry. We have been granted certification at the CL1 level that proves the highest level of our employees’ competences and certifies the fact that our welded joints meet the highest requirements. The accreditations we have acquired make it possible for us to manufacture structures in the quality class from CP A to CP D and within the range of stainless and black steel, as well as aluminium.

 Constructions for railway  Constructions for railway

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