Welding construction at Base Group Sp. z o.o.

We offer welding construction of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our production processes are:

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is carried out by  Omax 55100 Jet Machining Center. This technology is currently one the most comprehensive machining methods used worldwide, and it already successfully used when carrying out extremely advanced cutting processes while being environmentally friendly.

OMAX 55100 Jet Machining Center in the Base Group:


  • High quality edges due to fully automated cutting tools;
  • Possibility to obtain even the most innovative shapes in hard-machinable materials;
  • Environmental technology;
  • No thermal, mechanical and chemical impact on the material;
  • Compatibility with drawings in an electronic format (AutoCAD *.dwg, *.dxf, Corel DRAW *.cdr, *.jpg or others);
  • Built-in motion control system “Compute First-Move Later”, including CAD / CAM software with extensive online help.

      Cutting capabilities:

  • Steels (eg structural, carbon, stainless, acid resistant, tool steels);
  • Non-ferrous metals and their alloys (eg aluminum, brass, copper, titanium);
  • Glass and ceramics;
  • Plastics (eg rubber, plastic, PVC);
  • Natural stone (eg marble, granite, graphite, sandstone);
  • Wood, paper, cardboard.

      Technical parameters of the OMAX 55100 machine in the Base Group:

  • Motion accuracy: ±0,051 mm/300 mm for cutting;
  • Speed: 5 m/min (depending on the material type and thickness);
  • Maximum working range: 2500 x 1400 mm,
  • Permissible material weight: 1200 kg/m2;
  • Cutting of unlimited range of materials with a thickness of up to 200 mm.

Laser cutting

Base Group began operation of Bystronic laser cutting system Bysprint 3015 Pro with 4400W Bylaser laser source, equipped with automatic  tables changer with Byloader loading device.

Table size of this machine is 3 x 1,5 m and maximum cutting thicknesses are as follows:

– mild steel 25 mm,
– stainless steel 12 (20) mm,
– aluminum 12 mm.

Welding construction


Our production has been increased by press brake SafanDarley, which exploitation started on 19.03.2015. It allows bending of elements with a maximum length of 3100mm, with the maximum pressure force of 1500kN. The purchase of this machine was financed from EU funds under the Regional Operational Programme for Pomerania.

Welding construction

CNC machining

Base Group invested in the vertical machining center Hartford VMC-2100, Hartford HCMC – 1682 SUPER TORNADO and Hartford LG 1000 significantly increasing the capabilities of machining.

Table size is 2000 x 1000 mm, and Z-axis travel is 800 mm. Tool storage capacity –  40 tools (Hartford VMC-2100)
Table size is 1600 x 820 mm, and Z-axis travel is 660 mm. Tool storage capacity –  24 tools (Hartford HCMC – 1682 SUPER TORNADO)
Table size is 1150 x 510 mm, and Z-axis travel is 630 mm. Tool storage capacity –  24 tools (Hartford LG 1000)

Welding construction Welding construction

Shot blasting

Base Group offers also a shot blasting service. We are cleaning the elements of black steel with a stream of compressed air with the addition of abrasives. Abrasive material is working in a closed circuit, and therefore the shot peening process is ecological. We clean steel surfaces from rust, paint or varnish in a very accurate manner. Our employees use only those procedures and processes that allow cleaning in hard to reach places. As a result blasted components are free from any contamination. Black steel surfaces become slightly matt, which allows to carry out the subsequent treatments such as painting or galvanizing.

We offer shot blasting of following black steel types:

  • black steel for cold forming,
  • structural steel,
  • structural steel with high strength.

Base Group provides blasting services of elements not exceeding the following parameters:

  • maximum dimensions of element 1500x1500x400mm,
  • class of purity Sa 2 1/2 according to ISO 8501-1,
  • maximum capacity ca.120t/m.

We also offer pickling of stainless steel and aluminum, in order to remove stains remaining after welding, using pickling baths or locally using pastes and gels.
Feel free to contact our staff who will answer any questions related to our services. We are at your disposal.

Chemistry verification

We perform the chemical composition analysis using a specialized spectrometer. We have an Olympus spectrometer that uses the X-ray fluorescence method to control the chemical composition of the material. We use a spectrometer for process monitoring and control and automated and semiautomated alloy verification. We have integrated spectrometer into our component quality control program to confirm that the final product meets critical customer specifications prior to shipping.Guaranteeing the quality of welded steel structures, we confirm that the final product meets the customer’s requirements.

Welding construction


Abrasive blasting with glass – glass beads blasting

Base Group has implemented and developed a technique of abrasive blasting with glass. Glass beads blasting is a colloquial term for the process of abrasive blasting in which the abrasive medium involves irregular bits of glass, glass beads or glass shavings. More informations: www.basemetal.eu/en/abrasive-blasting-with-glass/