Welding laboratory

3 December 2019

Welding laboratory in Base Group

Base Group has a state-of-the-art welding laboratory where the equipment consists of devices and tools enabling complex control of the weld-making process. Among the most modern devices there is a microscope with which we can assess the correctness of our welds.

Welding laboratory Welding laboratory

We use the microscope for watching metallographic micro- and macro-sections.

To prepare them we need:
– a band saw for coarse cutting of elements,
– a sander/polisher for micro-sections,
– chemical reagents which decompose welds.

Welding laboratory  Welding laboratory

An X-ray film viewer is another very important device which we own. We use it to take X-rays of weld negatives. Thanks to being equipped with the X-ray film viewer we are able to evaluate the quality of welds onsite.

Welding laboratory


In the welding laboratory there are also two test stands for semi-automatic welding using MIG/MAG and TIG methods. These stands are fitted with extractors which enable utilisation of the stands in their full capacity for tests and staff training. Our welding laboratory is also the venue of our welding school which is supposed to raise skills of the newly-employed and to provide grounds for testing the qualifications of candidates for welders.

Weld monitoring and checking highly affect the quality of produced constructions. That is why in Base Group Company, thanks to our modern laboratory, we can independently and comprehensively check our welds.